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We are a team with over 20 years of experience, seasoned in the depths of labor legislation and salaries management, who had worked for big international companies. We strive to offer our clients first-rate service and they count on our experience, discretion, knowledge and responsiveness.

Our mission is to help our clients devote to their business.

About KKPay

What We Do

We save time you can use for other things

We take on all the administrative work that slows you down – salaries management, personnel administration, contacts with labor and tax authorities, remuneration calculation...

We save expenses that are burden

We save the expenses for remuneration specialized HR employees, for additional software, for more headcount, consumables etc. In case you consider necessary to optimize some expenses in your company – call or send us a message.

We Ensure Easiness That You Need

We’ll take on the activities that distract you and we won’t give the employees reasons to complain. Total confidentiality of salaries, financial status, financial relations and other sensitive information.

Payroll Services

Employees administration and payroll preparation

Calculation and processing of employees salaries by a specialized software; calculation of bonuses, other additional remunerations, leaves, sick leaves, etc

Preparation and submission of required declarations, notices, references and reports to relevant state authorities (National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Institute, National Statistical Institute, etc.)

Maintenance of record of service register, overtime register, sick leave reports etc.

Work with Labor Act, Social Security Act, Physical Persons Income Taxes Law and all other legally required documents in the field

Assistance with inspections and revisions by General Labor Inspectorate, National Revenue Agency, and National Social Security Institute

Preparation of references for management purposes


Accounting Services

Monthly accounting of documents and information according to the applicable National and International Accounting Standards

Organization of accounting of corporate taxes and VAT

Communication and representation in front of tax authorities

Preparation of interim financial reports for management purposes

Annual accounts closing, preparation of yearly financial reports and tax declaration


Labor Related Legal Services

Preparation, closing and terminating of labor contracts, draft contracts and job descriptions

Legal opinion on all type of labor related legal issues:Out-of-court agreements on labor related legal arguments Employer consultancy Labor related arguments and other labor related legal issues: employees’ claims against illegal dismissal, reinstatement to work, compensation payment, leaves, outstanding remuneration etc Labor contract termination consultancy